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API Q1 Audit Passed

2019-02-21 14:08:21 Chongqing Pump Read

API Q1体系审核通过 

CQPI Passed API Q1 Audit

118日,美国石油协会API审核员刘秀伟到我公司开展API Spec Q1管理体系审查,并组织召开会议。公司副总经理彭忠、总工程师王天周、副总监冉宏民及理化中心、质保部相关工作人员20余人参会。

On 18th January , API auditor Liu Xiuwei from American petroleum association came to our company to carry out API Spec Q1 management system audit. More than 20 representatives attend the audit, including the deputy general manager, Mr. Peng zhong,  chief engineer Mr. Wang Tianzhou, and Deputy director Mr. Ran hongmin. 



Through investigation and conversation, the auditor concludes that our company has complete quality assurance information and strong core force, and agrees to pass the API Spec Q1 system audit.(HZF)