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Large Diaphragm Pump Delivered Smoothly

2020-10-20 11:46:45 Chongqing Pump Read

3D14M Large Diaphragm Pump Delivered Smoothly


Large hydraulic diaphragm pump 3D14M machine base series: flow rate 600m3/h, inlet pressure 0.3 MPa, discharge pressure 8MPa, slurry concentration 55% iron tailings.

Recently, 3D14M large diaphragm pump performance test is witnessed and accepted by customer successfully.

3D14M large diaphragm pump is the key equipment of a mining group. It is also the first time for CQPI to adopt advanced technology and new structural design. The success of this project is laid a solid foundation for large diaphragm pump market occupied.

The most advanced wet process technology in the global non-ferrous metals industry held by Japan and ChinaCQPI’s hydraulic diaphragm pump application such as pulp pump and adding acid pump is made outstanding contributions in the field of high pressure leaching process.  CQPI also provides very high additional value for customers from cost control at the beginning of project to after sale service.

  重泵公司大型液压隔膜泵3D14M机座系列,流量600m3/h,入口压力0.3MPa,排压8MPa,输送料浆浓度55%铁尾矿。近日, 3D14M大型隔膜泵通过用户性能见证及验收。3D14M大型隔膜泵是某矿业集团的重点项目设备,也是重泵公司首次引进先进技术采用全新结构设计的高端产品。该项目的成功,为公司在大型隔膜泵市场的占用和推广打下了坚实的基础。目前全球有色金属行业的湿法工艺最先进的工艺技术由日本和中国掌握,重泵公司的液压隔膜泵在高压浸出工艺领域应用的矿浆泵、加酸泵做出了卓越贡献,从项目初投入成本和后期服务上为客户提供了非常高的附加价值。